Using GUS data

GUS provides a unique resource for anyone carrying out research into the lives of children and their families in Scotland. The data becomes more powerful every year as new information about children and families is added. The longitudinal nature of the data is particularly useful in looking at how early experiences influence later outcomes.

Our data is being used by academics and other researchers, politicians, policy makers, charities and lobbying organisations, health boards and education organisations.

For more detail about the data we collect, download our GUS Topic Guide

Data currently available (at November 2017)

Child Cohort Sweeps 1-4
Birth Cohort 1 Sweeps 1-7 (under Special Licence)
Birth Cohort 2 Sweeps 1 and 2 (under Special License)

Please see our page Accessing GUS Data

In addition to the datasets for the 3 cohorts, a secure access dataset containing postcode data can be accessed by approved researchers. The Secure Access dataset consists of a file containing postcodes valid for the time of the GUS Sweep 5 fieldwork (1 April 2009 to 31 May 2010).  Also included are archive serial numbers, which allow the merging of the postcode file with the data files for the End User Licence version of the GUS held at the UK Data Archive under SN 5760. When researchers are approved/accredited to access the Secure Access version of the GUS, the End User Licence version of the study (SN 5760) will be automatically provided alongside.


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