Growing Up in Scotland is a longitudinal research study, tracking the lives of thousands of children & their families from the early years, through childhood and beyond. The main aim of the study is to provide new information to support policy-making in Scotland but it is also intended to provide a resource for practitioners, academics, the voluntary sector and parents.


Article based on GUS data nominated for prestigious award

A journal article which presented findings from analysis of GUS data was nominated for a prestigious research award.  …read more


Life at age 12: initial findings from the Growing up in Scotland study

This report presents some initial findings about the lives of 12-year-old children living in Scotland, using data collected …read more


New report: Changes in Language Ability over the Primary School Years

This report drew on measures of language ability which were gathered from children participating in the Growing Up …read more


New briefing: Children’s social and emotional wellbeing

This briefing summarises findings from three papers using data from the Growing Up in Scotland (GUS) study to …read more


New report: Factors associated with adverse childhood experiences in Scottish children: a prospective cohort study

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have been associated with a range of poorer health and social outcomes throughout the …read more

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