Growing Up in Scotland is a longitudinal research study, tracking the lives of thousands of children & their families from the early years, through childhood and beyond. The main aim of the study is to provide new information to support policy-making in Scotland but it is also intended to provide a resource for practitioners, academics, the voluntary sector and parents.


New Findings: Patterns of Maternal Employment and Barriers to Paid Work

This report uses data from the Growing Up in Scotland (GUS) longitudinal study to investigate the employment patterns …read more


Data Available: Birth Cohort 2, Sweep 2

Data from the second sweep of GUS Birth Cohort 2 (6,000 children born 2010/11) is now available from …read more


New findings: Physical activity levels amongst 10-11 year olds in Scotland

The Scottish Government has published a new report ‘Objectively measured physical activity levels of Scottish children: analysis from …read more


New findings: Father-child relationships and child socio-emotional wellbeing

A new report published by the Scottish Government explores the quality of father-child relationships as perceived by children …read more


New findings – Language development and enjoyment of reading: impacts of early parent-child activities in two Growing Up in Scotland cohorts

A new report published by the Scottish Government explores the relationships between parent-child activities and language development and …read more

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