The transition to primary school: Growing Up in Scotland study findings

Living with a lone mother in Scotland. Do children fare better if their mothers are in work?

CRFR Briefing 91: Can we put the ‘poverty of aspiration’ myth to bed now?

Fathers Network Scotland Briefing: Father-child relationships and children’s wellbeing

MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit Research Briefing 2: Children and emotional problems

MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit Research Briefing 1: Parenting stress and support needs

CRFR Briefing 83: A ‘pockets’ approach to addressing financial vulnerability

CRFR Briefing 82: Social assets, low income and child wellbeing

CRFR Briefing 81: Financial, vulnerability, mothers’ emotional distress and child wellbeing

GUS 10 years – one page briefing

CRFR Briefing 71: Changes in Scottish infant feeding policy and breastfeeding habits between 2004 and 2011

Health inequalities in the early years – evidence for Scottish Parliament Health & Sport Committee March 2014

GUS Accidents & Injuries Briefing 2013

GUS Infant Feeding Briefing 2013

Birth Cohort 2 – Year 1 – key findings

Circumstances and experiences of teenage mothers in Scotland – evidence submitted to the Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee Inquiry into Teenage Pregnancy February 2013

Literacy Briefing – young children in Scotland and their experience of books and stories

Thrive at Five – Comparative child development at school entry-age by Save the Children

CRFR Research Briefing 62 – Is there something special about family meals?

GUS Briefing for Play Scotland 2012 – What do we know about play?

Birth Cohort 1 – Year 6 – one page summary

The Growing Up in Scotland study – Briefing paper for the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee

Growing Up in Scotland – Key Messages
Improvement Service Briefing for Elected Members No. 13

GUS Sweep 5 Parenting Briefing

GUS Birth Cohort 1 – Year 5 – one page summary (2011)

GUS Briefing 5 – What can research do for you?
GUS findings for social workers and others (Joint Briefing with the Scottish Childcare and Protection Network SCCPN)

GUS Briefing 4 – What parents say about children’s health and professional support

Scottish Centre for Regeneration Action Learning Note 50 –
Growing Up in Scotland : using evidence in practice

CRFR Research Briefing 40 – Parenting practices and support in Scotland

CRFR Research Briefing 36 – Breastfeeding in Scotland: the impact of advice for mothers

GUS Briefing 3 – Scotland’s families: advantage and disadvantage

GUS Briefing 2 – The use of informal support by families with young children

GUS Briefing 1 – Growing up in rural Scotland

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