To maximise the value of the research, it is important that as many people as possible use our findings and data to inform their work. We aim to monitor how GUS is being used so that we can demonstrate ‘impact’. This helps us to make the case for continued funding. If you have been using GUS findings or data, please let us know.  

View our Impact posters produced for the GUS 10 year anniversary event in October 2015:

GUS – impact poster 1 – general – Oct 2015

GUS – impact poster 2 – case studies – Oct 2015

Who is using GUS? List of major pieces of work and reports that have used evidence from GUS.

This report from 2012 highlights the impact that we made up until that point.

Thank you to all of our Stakeholders who have provided information to help us track use and impact of the research.

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